Monday, 21 March 2011

I was in the wood when I saw a Lizard

I was having a run in the wood just behind my place yesterday, when I fell in a lysergic dream.
It came unexpectedly, in a sunny sunday afternoon. It wasn't due to the effort of the run, but to the new Crystal Stilts album. The soil was muddy and it was floating under my feet. Then, suddenly I saw myself lying on a bench, 40 years ago, somewhere in California under a Sycamore Tree. It is the opening song of In love with Oblivion. The band from Brooklyn seems to have left aside their punk groove for a more Doors-inspired psycadelia. But my paranoia dream lasted just a few minutes. With Through the floor, the following song and new single, the band reaffirms its own garage rock style of the previous album. An easy listening song, not by chance, chosen as the new single, with an intro recalling even some 60's girly Best Coast's style.

Not a review, just a piece of emotional writing inspired by music

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Ops...I forgot the gig!

Right, i am back from Poland. And I forgot to tell that I've been to Warsaw to see Chew Lips.
The concert was scheduled for 9pm, but the band got on stage only at 11.15. We were basically the first guests in this new squat-industrial concert venue called "1500 square meters". Huge. I really liked it, lots of poorly furnished rooms. Truly decadent Eastern European style. friend was in love with Tiggs and took a thousands pictures of her. I have to say she is pretty good on stage. It is hard to take pics at concerts, and actually they are not that good.
45minutes concert with a polish girls shaking her big xxx and her pony tail in front of me. Mmm...
A part from that, the concert was a bit disappointing. Maybe not for the short gig, but for the ungiven encore and the single Toro they did not play. She had a cold she said. Might be true, her voice was a bit broken and that was just the first date of the European tour. I hope they'll get better.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Back from Poland, new awesome song

Big, cool collaboration between three music genius.
Get it here!

Loooove it

Saturday, 5 March 2011

talking of the devil: Verdena

Since I left Italy, I've been a bit far away from italian music.
Time to brush it up a bit. There's a band from my city,WOW! (what a word will get it later on in this post) They are now considered the top of Italian indie rock. VERDENA.
The got to be known in 1999 with an album that marked my teens, very much influenced by Nirvana.
Here you go Valvonauta, the big hit of the album

The 2001 is the year of Solo un grande sasso, an album I don't know that much, and maybe the less successful in general.

A big turning point is the third album Il suicidio del samurai. The former formation guitar+bass+drum is enriched by a keybord, and their sound evolves becoming more complex and elaborated. We are in 2004.
This time not the big hit, but my favourite. Glamodrama

2007. As they like to call it here: Requiem is the maturity's album.

It alternates psychedelic sounds from the 70's, to some stoner rock, but also some delight pop songs.
Not a great fan of this pop song
Trovami un modo semplice per uscirne

But the band's metamorphosis is not accomplished yet. Four year after Verdena come back with a new LP: WOW, 2001
I haven't listen to it yet,carefully I mean, but this one caught my attention at first listen.

Friday, 4 March 2011

A short parenthesis home

Yes, I am back for a little holiday at my parents'.
I've started writing my thesis on creative Nantes, and all in a sudden, my brother tells me he got involved in a brandnew creative projet: Neverlab

At the moment, it is an agency dealing with mainly concerts and festivals. However, they also started building up a booking part with a few bands to promote.
Of course, we are talking about independent music.
I am actually quite excited and hopeful about this structure: it was born in a rich terrotory (both musically and economically speaking) but, until now, pretty sleepy. Regarding to music events in fact, Bergamo has been always living in the shade of Milan. I actually think that Bergamo is going to became part of Milan outskirts in some decades. Neverlab could really shake the city and its province, bringing some fresh air by setting big events, and putting new ideas on the table.
And of course, above all, it might foster italian indie music by highlighting its potential.
Also to be noted...the ideal goal: to liberalise music industry from majors' tentacles by opening italian indie music to Europe...well, hej, that's my job!