Thursday, 30 September 2010

Sounds like DK

Lunch break.
I take some free time from politics, Europe and adobe audition to listen to Sleep Party People.
They are playing tonight at the SH i Aalborg..soob

Let's enjoy the student party night in Nantes though.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

That's why i decided to study in Scandinavia

A very good example of real journalism and public service
Presa Diretta

Equality, what?
-SENZA DONNE- /with no women

Fired because mothers + lower salary because women= Unequal society

That's why i decided to study in Scandinavia

Friday, 24 September 2010

New Album, Old Song: DeerHunter

Friday afternoon?
Boulot boulot!!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Me and Ninja Tune

Well i kept on saying tunes instead of tune..
I had some hesitations and faults, but who cares.
It was my first time on air. YUHU!!!

Nantes calls London

Peter Quicke (from Ninja Tune) interviewed by Licia on EuradioNantes!

Let's celebrate with a Ninja Tune artist!


Sunday, 19 September 2010

Qu'est-ce qu'il se passe?

I've been a bit lazy lately.
I've been to some concerts, and I've been working a lot.
PVT were pretty good, and the Scopitone festival too. Japanese Pop Star kicked ass.

Tomorrow i have my first interview on air, with the guy of the Ninja Tunes label. Frrr....

I've spent all the day writing and thinking about my thesis, and of course about Denmark.
I am in a fantastic and lively French city. it's surprisingly sunny and i think of the grey Olborg. Ja, there's something wrong with me.

Ah, last week I attended some seminars of the EAIE conference in Nantes, and I found out I would like to work at an European level. It was so interesting and international.

There's a journalists' conference in Strasburg and I think i'm going to try to participate, who knows...I might be lucky.

For the rest I am a bit stressed because of the job. I love it, but I still have to find my daily routine. I need to organize myself with no rush.

Listening to Mozart tonight.

Sunday, 5 September 2010


You know that sometimes, in Italy, something good happens?
Unfortunatly when it comes I am not there.

2-3-4 September THE MAGNOLIA PARADE -Milan-

The Magnolia is my favourite Italian club as the music program perfectly fits my music tastes.
Bon, bref. Here's the line-up of the BIG stage -Electro live- (yes, because there were other smaller stages playing reggae and ambient)

gio. 04 settembre 2010

ore 03.00 VICTEAM (I) dj set
ore 01.30 2 MANY DJ’S (B) dj set
ore 00.50 VICTEAM (I) dj set
ore 23.15 CRYSTAL CASTLE (UK) live
ore 22.00 CROWOLF (I) live set

ven. 03 settembre 2010

ore 01.15: FRANZ FERDINAND with Alex Kapranos (UK) dj set
ore 00.00: BONAPARTE (D) live
ore 23.00: CHROME HOOF (D) live
ore 22.00: TEATRO DEGLI ORRORI (I) live
ore 21.00: FRATELLI CALAFURIA (I) live

sab. 04 settembre 2010

ore 01.15 APPARAT (D) live
ore 23.30 MOTEL CONNECTION (I) live
ore 22.15 WHO MADE WHO (Dk) live

And just to make me better realised what i was missing, the friends of RadioPop made me so envious by streaming the direct of the festival live.
So yesterday night i was in Nantes listening to an Italian festival. More than that, I got to listen the danish accent of WhoMadeWho and the their interview about danish music scene. It was fun to hear it, and to know everything already. Miss Dk a bit.

Uh, i was almost forgetting...un petit cadeau

Apparat (L)

so as it used to be...Hejhej!