Sunday, 29 August 2010

Nostalgique océan?

I just erased all my post.

I was saying...that this is the beginning of my forth week in Nantes. The second of my intense internship. We work a lot as there are so many things to learn quickly. It is pretty excited though.

As we work as much there is just little time for music and amusement in the weekend.
The Randez-vous sur l'Erdre is a 3-days festival that took place these days in the centre of the city. It was supposed to be a jazz festival, but actually what i've been listening didn't really fit my definition of jazz. Anyway, a good discovery besides the lively and cheerful atmosphere of the festival: La scène Michelet. It is a bar+ live music hall. We stayed just half an hour to attend a quite short and laid-back after party.

Today instead, we explored the coast. It was incredibly windy and freezing. Skagen-like wind, I would say.
But the sun was finally shining, and the memories of me sitting on a bench facing the ocean while listening to Caribou and reading Kundera in French made my day.

For the up-coming week, two songs as I can't really choose.
Number one.
Gold Panda, Don't you need some boost to start the week?

Number two.

Brand new discovery Weekend: End times
I love this joy division return.
(Same label as The Pains of Being Pure at Heart...How about that?)

Have a nice week.


Monday, 23 August 2010

Between a french homemade concert and some bruine

A quiet french house just outside the centre ville
. It was friday and there was a nice and greeny verdant garden.
Some chairs and old armchairs.
It was cozy.

There were some friends and an Argentinian trio.
There was a treehouse or maybe they were the Trijhaus.


Thursday, 19 August 2010

What's happening up there?

Tonight I realized how many good bands come from Canada.

Arcade Fire, Caribou, Crystal Castles, Tokyo Police Club, Phatogram, Japandrois and I don't know how many others there are and I don't remember right now. It would be interesting to understand what is happening up there. What recently made the music industry, or/ and artists' creativity, explode.
Well, if I figure something out and I get to a sociological theory, I'll let you know.
For now just enjoy these two less known bands to get a full of energy and healty immaturity.


How couldn't I?

I usually try not to post the same music here and on my facebook profile.
I am not even a great fan of this beachy summery 60's stream that this year seems to be so hype.
and I think Best Coast are so overrated.
But this song...this song is like a bump in my head. It is so catchy and light that listening to it I almost believe that life can be easy and sunny all the time.


Monday, 16 August 2010

La Route du Rock

Et ouais, je suis partie à la Route du Rock finalement.

Three days of good music, and less good weather
The first day was a bit cold but fine, we could fully enjoy the concerts: from the early and for me unknown Yann Tiersen to an awesome Caribou performing at 2.50 at night.

The second day started with a holy damned storm. Rain and rain and rain for about 10 hours. I was in a really punk-squat-festival mood and my equipment was really poor. So i spent the day walking around Saint Malo and waiting for the shuttle bus to the concert area under the rain, completely wet with 13, it was not fun at all.
A cause of this shitty bus service we also missed much of the Foals concert. I was a bit skeptic, I don't know the new album that much, and a part Spanish Sahara I wasn't impressed. But the performance was pretty good and it makes listen better the album.
You could imagine the condition of the site after all that water falling down the sky, I was so pissed off and tired that I was on the point to go to the camping to take out the wet clothes, but I wanted to see Two Doors Cinema Club so bad that i finally decided to stay. I don't regret my choice because the performance cheered me up completely after that shitty day.

I missed We Have Band at 2.30 but, well, let's say...i know what I missed.

Finally the last day.
In the morning rain again, so we went to Saint Malo, to have a good lunch, and seesighting a bit.
This time we went by car so we didn't have to deal with the **** shuttle bus.
Nice afternoon with some brandnew French friends.
Night with The National, maybe not the most suitable group for a festival, but good execution and interpretation. Love the melancholic tone of the often criticized voice of the singer. A fantasmagoric, rather softporn, show from the Flaming Lips (more show than concert maybe)

to end with an easy dancing The Rapture. I really appreciated their last number, that I found out it is called Olio and i propose here below, even if live it was much more effective.


Thursday, 12 August 2010

The inception

Yesterday night i went to the ciné with my flatmate and some friends of him to watch The Inception.
It's the new movie by Christopher Nolan, the same, previously director of Batman, Memento and The Prestige. I really enjoyed the movie that, although it was pretty long (about 2,30h), flew quite well. The idea behind the story is pretty fascinating and well developed. Finally it is an action movie, even if artworks and fights are (hopefully) not the more meaningful part of the movie. The best part of the movie is infact the coté tricky-mysterious-unclear of the different levels of the story that overlap each other.
It is the kind of the movie that leaves you a bit upset and confused. The kind of movie that makes you think about what you just saw, not only because it makes you eager to unveil the trick that lies on the bottom of the plot, but also because it makes you transfer the story in your possible reality.


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

First post from Nantes

Here's my first post from my brandnew location nantaise.
Aujourd'hui j'aime ça.


Sunday, 1 August 2010

L'amour pour Dente? C'est ça.

I'm thinking about if i should change the language of the blog after my moving to Nantes.
Maybe, i should keep on going with english, but it would be cool turning it into french, for coherence with the country I am in.

During the last few years I've missed a bit the new Italian music scene, and, as i'm still going to be here for a few days, i'm trying to recuperate what i've missed.

Mesdames et Messieurs: Dente (trans: Tooth)

Nice melodies, ironic and sweet lyrics
How talking about love without being mushy