Thursday, 29 July 2010

Again on Cities and Creative Class

Answer these questions to find out which city fits you best.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Creativity and Cities

Surprisingly, thursday night i stumbled upon a high quality broadcast. As usual, it was 00.30 (apparently this is the right time for cultural programs on italian television).
It was a documentary about Berlin and its artistic environment. The creativity is definitely having a blooming season there, and it also drives a change in the urban physiognomy of the city.
So terms such as regeneration and gentrification are well known not only for architects, sociologists and urban planners, but they are perceived as crucial processes for the future of the city by large part of the population. Indeed, these changes need to be controlled to avoid areas of the city to become big niche quartiers, inaccessible to most of the population.
Besides the transformation of former popular blocks into hip and expensive residences, another problem linked to the regeneration is the drastic conceptual changes that these areas are facing. For example, for some the quartier of Prenzlauerberg, now famous as the hippest place in the city, has lost its historical roots. It was transformed in something else, with the only purpose to make it cool, without taking care of the original Berlinese spirit that once used to live there.

Here's the doc in three parts



I don't know why I didn't really fall in love with Crystal Castles at the beginning.
It was too noisy, too messy for me.
I guess it depends on the period because right now i really need more noise and more mess all around me, and, as i have to create it by myself, I need Crystal Castles, extremely.


Saturday, 17 July 2010

English tendences

I'd love to be in London.

Lots of great events are coming soon, such as
Lovebox, which is actually right now, and the Field Day the 31st of July.
I'd really love to go to the second one in Victoria park to see Moderat (missed the ElectroVenice last week, damn it!) Memory Tapes, Phoenix, Caribou, Gold Panda, Panta du Prince...and some others.

The song of today is not from one of those bands above. But they are English and I found out of them, once again, thanks to the Pure Groove's newsletter.

Mesdames and Messieurs,

Victoria & Jakob

(The intro sounds like a mix between The Notwist and Passion Pit, then the riff sounds a bit mainstream, but if you feel like enjoying it without being too picky, it sounds ok)


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A solar solar day

It isn't my kind of music that much. But i like it so bad.


Saturday, 10 July 2010

Always because...

Because I'm home,
Because I am a bit sad.
Because one can always learn from who came before...


Sunday, 4 July 2010

Welcome back

It has been just few days from my coming back to Italy and I try to keep away the nostalgia of Denmark and my nordic life going to any live music show I can.
I enjoyed yesterday night concert: Criminal Jokers + Zen Circus, two bands from Tuscany.

The firsts were crazy noisy: just three guys, but plenty of energy. Two guitars and the singer-drummer who was playing standing on his feet, amazing.

However, the headliners of the night were the Zen Circus. I am currently a bit out of the Italian music scene, but I had heard they were pretty good and they "kick asses". I can't define the genre they play, it's a half-way between rock and some Italian politically-engaged songwriters.
A good concert overall, even if i didn't like some unnatural and excessive unconventional behaviours: such as some no-sense swearing, and few gross and tasteless lyrics.