Friday, 30 April 2010

Kissaway Trail

Odense is the city of Christian Andersen, the third biggest city in Denmark.
Denmark is a small country consisting of a load of islands. The island of Fyn is found between the Danish peninsula Jylland and the island where Copenhagen is found: Sjælland.
You would be probably wondering the reason of this short lecture on Danish geography. Well, just to introduce you to the concert i saw yesterday night.
In fact, the Kissaway Trail are from Odense, and yesterday they played at the StudentHouse in Aalborg. Yesterday i've been working at the door until 11, while the support band was playing. Then i could enjoy the headliner concert. Good. Pretty good. I liked it. I knew a couple of their songs, they are strongly influenced by Arcade Fire. A friend of mine also said by the Mew, another Danish band, but i am not that convinced.
The concert was pretty good, a bit slow maybe, the songs sounded even more mild than in the album, while i would have apprecieated a little bit of additional rhythm.
The concert hall wasn't that full, i thought there would have been a lot more people, as the band has been touring in the US, and now is playing all around Europe. NME radio broadcasts its songs daily, and reviews of their gigs can be found in many musical blogs.
Always more and more surprised and impressed by the musical scene of this lille dansk land.

So, now have a taste.


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Friday, 16 April 2010


Still amazed by the yesterday night Efterklang concert.
Denifitely, the best gig of the year.
It has been a while since I felt like crying during a performance. My hands couldn't clap enough for them. Airy choirs and music from the sky. It reminds me a bit of a Toy Orchestra. The lead singer looks like a tall and skinny puppet, but he was anything but a dead body on the stage. On the contrary he was pretty good at dragging us into their music.

All of us...we were all-wrapped up into the Efterklang's music for souls.


Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Examination time

After almost three months of laid-back student life, time for exams.
So, here I am, working on methodologies and surveys, theories and data collection.
Besides this 7-days-assignment, i still have time to listen to some new stuff though.

They really sound like 65days of static, (aaah, they're playing both in Kbh and Milan but i can't make to go!) and For a Minor Reflection.
Mais ils sont français.
Quandmême...Pas mal du tout.


Saturday, 3 April 2010

Something good can always happen

Yesterday night i was at some friends' place for a dinner.
I didn't know that many people there and I wasn't really interested in getting to know any new one.
So i started deejaying a bit, checking festivals lines up, calculating which and how many of them i could afford. Finally, i stumbled upon a new song. I could just overhear it because, in the meanwhile, people started playing a role game, and they asked me to keep the volume down. Ok, fair enough.
Just a couple of minutes to give sense to my standing there, silent and half bored.
They are the Phantogram. They are two Americans, one guy, one girl and this is

Mouthful of Diamonds

Fancy haircut.