Monday, 21 June 2010

Updating my life soundtrack

Aalborg Spring 2010

Rusty Nails, New Error (Moderat)
Hey You Guys (CircleSquare)
Love is a chain store (The Ropes)
Mouthful of diamonds (Phantograms)
Et stød mod grund, Slaar Skaar (Michael Simpson)
You're not stubborn (Two Doors Cinema Club)
Odessa (Caribou)
Moster (Magic Man)
Twenty years on (Safe)
Jail La La (Dum Dum Girl


Ja ja call me stupid romantic


Nothing lasts forever

Here I am,
struggling between boxes and back packs to fill up with clothes and memories.
Time to leave once again, to start over somewhere else.

Just a couple of days ago I was pretty sad to leave, but now, now I can't wait for the next week.


Non è per sempre _Afterhours_


Monday, 14 June 2010

World Cup day

I've just been to the first Danish match today.
Unluckily it finished with a Dutch victory against the Danes. I'm not a great fan of the Italian football team, but well, it is a way to socialize a bit with some people i haven't seen for a while, so tonite I'm gonna watch the match.
Ah, yesterday I signed up for a contest. The Unicredit bank offers a scholarship to finance a study/ professional project. So if you feel like help in making true my dream of a master in international publishing...Please visit this link and vote for me here.
As a reward a nice new song i just discovered.

SAFE - Twenty years on-


Saturday, 12 June 2010

Jeg er tilbage

Back from an Italian week.
Back with a weird sensation of nostalgie for the country where i was born, a sad nostalgie that goes together with a defined awareness that I don't want to go back there. More and more convinced that that is a great place for holidays a couple of weeks a year, but no more than this.
I need some order, and peace, while and Italy is such a messy country.
I just thought i surprisingly don't have Italy amongst the tags, even if I'm talking quite a lot about it. Maybe it's an unconscious rejection. Because I can't not to love my country, but it keeps on letting me down.
However, I have some good music to share for one of my last danish weekends, at least for this 2010.

How about the summer?