Saturday, 25 December 2010

Sunday, 19 December 2010


Tonight i present you a young band from a little province of my favourite Italian region Emilia-Romagna.
So positively surprised by their sound so little Italian, so -finally- European.
Is this the sign of a new era for Italy? Not only musically speaking...maybe something is really changing....
I don't know if they will get famous...I don't know if the Italian taste will allow them to get bigger and known....but me and my scandy soul....well, we love them.

this is m+a

reminding Oppdal from (M+A) on Vimeo.

The scandinavian touch was clear since the first listening, then i found the confirmation of their trip to Norway. And that is why.

The new album is amazing, get some m+a more here

God Nat

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Discovering....England rulez...again.

Among the bands i saw at the transmusicals festival two of them catch my attention.
They are both pretty young bands and, not surprisingly, they come from England.
Manchester and London.
First Egyptian Hip Hop. What a horrible name!
When i read their name on the programme i thought "No way!" and i discarded them without even reading the description under the picture.
But i was wrong. Not a hint of hip hop there, but some 80's beats and atmospheres.
Funny, they are barely 18 so they weren't even there in the 80's.
I even took a picture in the media professional area.

I regret a thing, I should have told them to change their name. That hip hop it's really disturbing :)

Here's a taste.

Second, Is Tropical.
They weren't really a surprise as i knew them already. They signed with kitsuné now.
Three lovely guys from London, with such a fascinating accent. Uf.
I interviewed them, sort to finally we just had a nice chat. But i'm going to post it soon anyway.

One again, after such a good weekend, and after smelling such a rocking scent, getting back to Nantes is f***** hard and frustrating.

Friday, 3 December 2010

life soundtrack - winter 2010

Don't have to -Troels Abrahamsen
XXX - Troels Abrahamsen
10 miles- Beach House
Marriage - Gold Panda
Tip of your tongue- Porcelain Raft
Dreeeem - Perfume Genius
Unite - Age of Giants
Bless the wave - The deer tracks
Soft Alarm - Dntel
You say yes, I say yes - Veto

in my friday night...looking for semplicity

a beer and some good sound

Thursday, 2 December 2010

on the way to...

A morning, Nantes, France